Wudan Swordsmen consists of London rappers/producers Dantian Collective. The crew consists of KG-Chi and Mista-E, including Zedi, and AM. Alongside US rapper and Wu-Tang... WuDan Swordsmen Interview
Wudan Swordsman EP

Wudan Swordsmen consists of London rappers/producers Dantian Collective. The crew consists of KG-Chi and Mista-E, including Zedi, and AM. Alongside US rapper and Wu-Tang affiliate Eternal Of Wu Killa Beez.

Please could you introduce yourselves and tell us what you bring to Wudan Swordsmen?

Eternal: I’m Eternal Of Wu Tang Killa Beez and I bring that Raw, Street Intelligent Grimey Lyrical Wu Style to the Wudan Swordsmen.

I co-produced the Wudan EP and got the samples for the skits on the EP. As well as choosing all the beats for the EP to bring that real raw boom Bap Wu-Tang style into the mix. I also got the cover artwork done by my homie Lee W. Webb of Deadly Dark Designs, from the UK. Using some of our pictures from the 2018 UK tour.

KG: I’m KG-Chi aka ‘Sifu’ and I bring a no-nonsense flow on my rap delivery. I also co-produced the album putting it together with skits and samples from Eternal. I got the cuts from DJ Jazz T. All beats were produced by AM.

The idea we had was to bring an old skool Kung-Fu movie-style feel to the EP.  A special shout out has to go to my RapXchange brother Sub One. His masterful ear and techniques put together the final mix and master of this dope EP. 

Mista-E: I’m known as ‘The Man With No Style’ I bring a world of versatile flows and deliveries that cannot be categorised.
Zedi: I’m Zedi a.k.a. ‘The Analyst’. I bring a descriptive, well balanced aura with the use of my language with an annotated approach.

AM: I’m A.M. known as a member of Champions of Nature, back in the day. I’m the producer of the Wudan EP. Also a graffiti artist, as Ayemlondon on Instagram. I did the WuDan logo, seen in the background of the video.

Dantian Collective

Zedi and AM how did you link up with KG-Chi and Mista-E?

Zedi: I’ve known Mista-E practically my whole life. We both came from the same area and grew up together. I met KG through Mista-E in 2018. I went to the studio one day to meet Mista-E and I met KG for the first time. We vibed, clicked on a musical level and the energies were right, the rest is history.

AM: I was working with KG-Chi on his solo album when he connected with E and Zedi. DTN was the group name. The idea to collaborate with Eternal came from Mista-E.

Through me, we went to Sweden to perform and connect. We made the Firewater video there. That was the birth of Sub One’s label idea, RapXchange.

Tell us how you linked up with Eternal from Wu Killa Beez?

KG: We linked with Eternal through Mista-E. He had previously worked with him and introduced him to us.

Mista-E: Just as KG said. I was the connection to linking Eternal with DTN. We went on a Wudan Swordsmen UK tour together on the strength of that link-up. We went to Liverpool, Manchester, Wolverhampton, and London in a week. Now check what we just put out.

What’s the concept behind the name Wudan Swordsmen?

KG: We came up with the name by combining ‘Wu’ Killa Beez + ‘Dan’ tian Collective to create WuDan Swordsmen. Also on my earlier visits to China, I recall Wudan Mountain famed for its Swordsmen. Hence the name was born.

Eternal you’re based in Nevada and have released music since 2000 how did it all start for you?

Eternal: Peace, I’m Eternal Of Wu Killa Beez. I was born and raised in California but I’ve been living in Nevada for 6 years.

I actually started doing music in 1992 and dropped my first tape around 1993. I’ve been dropping tapes from then on. In 1996 I started my own record label called KASTLEVANIA ENT.

By the year 2000, I had released my first major project/album called KASTLEVANIAStr8From Tha Dungeon. That album was nominated at the Music Awards. In 2002, I released KASTLEVANIA 2Tha Battle Angelz. I was nominated for two music awards and won an Academy Music award for ‘Best Album of the Year.’

But I have done a lot of music and projects since then.

Eternal: What’s your affiliation with the Killa Beez?

Eternal: I’m actually a member of the West Coast Killa Beez. It was created by Rza and The Black Knights back in 1998, and based in California.

Recently you released the self-titled EP titled Wudan Swordsmen. Tell us about the release.

Eternal: Wudan Swordsmen is a collaboration between myself and Dantian Collective from the UK. I was on tour in the UK 2016 with Mista-E and some of his homies. Myself and Mista E have been building since around 2015 or so. He brought me out and we did some music and rocked a couple of shows.

In 2018, he introduced me to KG and Sub One. They brought me out to the UK to do a tour with Dantian Collective. I came up with the idea of doing an EP together with Dantian Collective. KG and myself put it together along with A.M on the Beats.

I chose the beats that went on the album. As well as co-produced and directed the overall project on how it should sound production-wise. I got the samples for KG to work with and put together for the EP.

Wudan Swordsmen is a masterpiece and a real dope project. We all did our part to bring that fire to the table. Me and KG made it happen. I thank them all for doing their parts for the project.

KG: The release finally came together at the start of this year when I lost my Mother on New Years Day. Me and Eternal chopped it up to finally get it over the line. If you look closely on the CD design you can make out ‘RIP KG’s Mum.’ May she eternally rest-in-peace. 

Wudan Swordsman EP

You released the video Hustle Hard in June which featured Eternal in London. Was the EP recorded in the UK or did you have to record it separately?

Eternal: The EP was recorded in UK but I recorded my verses in Las Vegas at DJ Flipcyide studio. Big shout to him! But I was in the UK for both videos. Which was my idea to do since I was in the UK touring with them and didn’t know when I would be back.

I made the suggestion to shoot a couple of videos and do my scenes before I went back to the States. Then they finished their parts later on, but both videos were dope, and thank you to KG for getting them done. That was his hook up! Big up fam.

KG: Eternal recorded his vocals in USA at DJ Flipcyide’s studio (shout out Flipcyide). DJ Flipcyide then emailed the vocal stems to me to put together at UB4 Studio. DTN recorded all our verses in London at UB4 (as we have done for all our material in the lab).

As well as stream and download you’ve also got physical copies on CD and Vinyl. Tell us where we can buy the EP?

KG: CD’s can be purchased from Kunaki.Com and vinyl from DiggersFactory.Com.

Eternal: KG just summed it all up with the EP info. But you can also get autographed copies from us. Just hit us up directly, autographed copies are only available through us personally.

Will we be seeing a full-length Wudan Swordsmen album any time soon?

Eternal: Me and KG have talked about it. We will just have to see where time takes us. But you never know, we drop fire together as a crew so we have to see where the crew takes it, you feel me.

KG: Without predicting anything Eternal and I have spoken about this possibility. Only time will tell if there is to be a sequel to this dope USA-2-UK collaboration.

DTN Collective

As individual artists, what other projects are you working on?

Eternal: Currently I’m working on a solo EP to be out later this year. I’m trying to put together a project with Cappadonna of Wu-Tang Clan. I’m doing features on tracks with various artists. Just trying to stay busy, active, relevant, and keep the money coming in!! 

KG: As CEO of indie label RapXchange we got a whole lot of new music coming. For me I got some solo joints coming. Spitfire General produced by AM and Hooded Monk produced by Micall Parknsun is in the mix.

Later this year you can expect to hear Dantian Collective’s Firewater (produced by AM). Also, we recently dropped 2020 Lockdown First Wave featuring a number of RapXchange artists. We’ve also got Second Wave dropping later this year.

Mista-E: Listen out for more RapXchange and Dantian Collective projects in the pipeline. Also my solo work The Adapter. I ain’t saying more than that.

Tell us your socials

Eternal Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Kastlevaniaent Bandcamp: War Machines Bandcamp: Email: Eternalkv@hotmail.com

Dantian Collective: Instagram: Dantian Collective:   KG: Mista E: Zedi: AM: Wudan Swordsmen: RapXchange:

Facebook Dantian Collective: Facebook Wudan Swordsmen: Facebook RapXchange:

Twitter: DTNCollective SwordsmenWudan XchangeRap iamkgchi iammistae officialzedi
YouTube / VEVO: Dantian CollectiveWudan SwordsmenRapXchange
Email: dantiancollective@gmail.com
Website / Label:

Release Links:

Initium Wudan Swordsmen What’s The Meaning Of Dopeness? 2020 Lockdown First Wave

RapXchange YouTube Channel RapXchange Spotify

Interview by Jai Boo

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