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Tru Trilla Interview - File Under Hip Hop - SG
Tru Trilla is about to drop his new album God of Barz. We talk to him about the album, his group 050, and what’s... Tru Trilla Interview

Tru Trilla interview photo

Tru Trilla is about to drop his new album God of Barz. We talk to him about the album, his group 050, and what’s next for Tru Trilla.

You hail from the Garden State, New Jersey home of artists such as Queen Latifah, Naughty by Nature and Redman plus many more. What was it like growing up there?

Wow, my childhood was amazing. Imagine living on the block a couple of houses down from where Lakim Shabazz lived and Precious aka Monica. Not only that, the block we’re from. My big bro Mark had the studio “Big Joint” and now I see Queen Latifah, Naughty by Nature, Apache, Chill Rob G. Actually that jeep in the video is Mark’s jeep from my block. There was a lot more, it was a surprise every weekend who was going to come next.

How did your love for Hip Hop come about?

It’s crazy because my household was very soulful. I’m talking about from The Whispers to The Four Tops, and as a child I couldn’t go to sleep without music. My uncles used to make me memorise songs from Run DMC, Just Ice, KRS-One, and Big Daddy Kane. If I got it wrong they had the boxing gloves, straight body punches were in effect!

But I learned and I love them to this day for that training. It brought my drawing and poetry to life. All that work shaped me.

You’re affiliated with Naughty by Nature and LOTUG, Tell us about that?

Yes, them my big bro’s, I love them warriors, straight up. We started working on a couple of joints in 2012 I believe. The relationships we have with them and the advice they give is priceless. It’s highly appreciated.

You worked with the crew 050 Boyz alongside Prince Ak and Riq Da Kid. Tell us about the group and material you released with them?

We dropped a mixtape called “050dat” with Treach and Doitall hosting it. It also featured Middy Murdock and Drift. It’s on Dat Piff, there are crazy joints on there it was around 2012. Then we came back with the album “Everything 050” in 2015. It was produced entirely by Jamal Nueve, formally known as Clinton Place. Then I dropped “Trilla Season Volume 1”. That’s also on Dat Piff, there are over 20 tracks on there and features Treach, Doitall, and 050 Boyz.

Are you now a solo artist or still part of 050 Boyz?

Both. We are spreading our frequency to combat all the white noise. So you could have Tru Trilla as a solo artist but also benefit from 050 as a group. A better way to negate any future deals of partnership with a great entity.

On May 29th 2020 you will release your new album God of Barz. What’s the concept behind the album?

The concept is being the god of your creation and displaying high-frequency lyrics over high powered beats. To bring forth the elements of true hip hop in its purest form to inspire

Tru Trilla God of Barz cover

Production-wise you’ve got DNA Beats from Chicago, Chat One from the UK, Barcelona producer Sumerio Square, and LA producer Clinton Place on the album. How did these collabs come about?

Well Jamal Nueve, formally known as Clinton Place, is from Brick City and moved to LA about 10 years ago. He did a lot of grinding, working with greats such as Redman, Ice Cube, West Side Connection and many more. Our first group album was produced entirely by him, “Everything 050”.

My warrior Chat One is a master at his craft from Sheffield UK, “Steel City”. He produced my solo album “Tru Story” in 2018. Over 21 tracks, real lava rocks. DJ Eclipse did the cuts and there were features like Lakim Shabazz, Sadat and Doitall from LOTUG

My warrior DNA Beatz is another straight master at his craft from Chicago. We hooked up through my bro DJ Mercury about 4 or 5 years ago. We worked on a couple of singles and his project called “Dead Line” line which is out now. Then last but not least is my warrior Sumerio Square from Barcelona. We met like 3 or 4 years ago and did a lot of work which will be released soon. It’s called “Brick City 2 Barcelona”, straight heat rocks.

Tru Trilla Interview photo

Who else features on the album?

My New Jersey warriors Prince Ak, Fly Kwa, Confucious and Middy Murdock.

Where can people go and cop God of Barz?

It’ll be on all major streaming platforms and digital stores worldwide.

What’s next for Tru Trilla?

A lot! I got the JD’s Revenge in the oven with the aluminum foil on it produced entirely by Chat One. I got the “Lord Trilla” EP produced entirely by legendary DJ Lord Jazz from LOTUG ready to go
after God of Barz.

Then the “Brick City 2 Barcelona” LP produced entirely by Sumerio Square coming right behind it. I’m also working on a project with another warrior named Bug Bee from the UK. I’m a couple of songs in with him and also DJ Phil from France, we’re doing an EP and I’m a couple of songs in with him.

As for 050 (formally known as 050 Boyz) we’re forming like Voltron with another group album. I’m just working, there’s a saying you’re only as good as your last timeline so stay making new ones.

Tell us where people can reach you on social media

Instagram @trilla050, Facebook Tru Trilla, Twitter @Egofree2_050, Soundcloud Tru Trilla

Thanks for taking the time out to do this interview. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

No doubt. Big up and much respect to my warriors hip hop family Fileunderhiphop, appreciate y’all highly. Shout out to my warrior uncle John at New Dawn Records, straight up saluuuuuute 050dat!

Interview by Jai Boo

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