Xidus Pain released his 26th project in 26 months
For 26 months UK rapper Xidus Pain has released a new full-length project. With over 300 sings written on December 27, 2020, marked the 26th release. Eternity is his new 10 track project based on the Marvel character Eternity known to manipulate time, space, and reality. All the tracks... Read more
Stop Shooting Project feat Xidus Pain (UK), Sirhighlight (USA), and Wyze Wonda (Canada) – Burning Crosses
This is the official video Burning Crosses. The first single off the Stop Shooting Project featuring Xidus Pain, Sirhighlight, and Wyze Wonda. Read more
Xidus Pain 21 mixtapes in 21 months
Xidus Pain has released 21 mixtapes in 21 months with over 300 written songs so far. The 21st mixtape is dedicated to his favorite rapper and the one who got him into rapping, his older brother. Titled Bhudhi Roy the 14 track project is set over a nice Boom... Read more
Xidus Pain drops 20 projects in 20 months!
Xidus Pain has been busy releasing a project a month. Over the last 20 months, he has released 20 full-length track projects. His new 7 tracker Solace of Knowledge is thought-provoking. Set over some nice melodic beats which are a mixture of boom-bap and modern rap. Listen/download/share Solace of... Read more
New release from Xidus Pain – Xcape from Quarantine
Xidus Pain dropped a new project Xcape from Quarantine,¬†written and recorded in these surreal times of self-isolation. Some words from Xidus Pain about the project: “This project is an escape from quarantine into my mind and thoughts in these surreal times. I wrote four of these songs whilst working... Read more
Xidus Pain

Xidus Pain

Interviews 2nd January 2020 0

Xidus Pain hails from Manchester but resides in Peterborough. He talks to us about hanging out with Grandmaster Melle Mel. Rocking the stage at the Vans WARPED Tour and releasing a full length album every month 2019! What was the scene like in Peterborough when you coming up in... Read more