Mello Music Group release the highly anticipated label compilation – Bushido
In feudal Japan, the Bushido Code defined the way of the samurai. It was a blueprint to conduct warfare with honour. A system built upon the qualities of rectitude and courage, honour and loyalty. In the modern world, these historical tenets may seem antiquated, or sometimes even obsolete. But... Read more
Quelle Chris & The Alchemist – Iron Steel Samurai
Before Bushido arrives at midnight on Friday, Mello Music Group released the project’s last-single and a visual. Iron Steel Samurai features Quelle Chris and The Alchemist (who also produced the track). Read more
L’Orange & Namir Blade announce their new album – Imaginary Everything and new video – Corner Store Scandal
Producer L’Orange and emcee Namir announce their new album Imaginary Everything. Set to be released May 7, 2021, on Mello Music Group. The 13 track album features, Quelle Chris, Fly Anakin, Jordan Webb, and Marlowe. As well as announcing their album the duo release a new video from the... Read more
Mello Music Group announces new compilation album – Bushido
Mello Music Group has been in the music business for a decade. While the sounds are varied, an MMG release ensures that the art comes first. The artists are religiously devoted to the upholding of standards and values. Their latest Mello Music compilation Bushido gathers their current roster and the... Read more
Quelle Chris & Chris Keys – Horizon
New video from Quelle Chris Horizon, produced by Chris Keys taken from the album Innocent Country 2.” Read more
Quelle Chris releases new single – Mirage
With the album Innocent Country 2 dropping in 4 days on April 24, Quelle Chris release a new single Mirage. Mirage features Earl Sweatshirt, Denmark Vessey, Big Sen, and Merrill Garbus. One of the first songs Chris and Quelle started last year and also one of the last they finished.... Read more
New single from Quelle Chris – Sacred Safe
Chris Quelle has released a new single, Sacred Safe, as a part of his interview with Hypebeast. The single features  Homeboy Sandman, Cavalier and Merrill Garbus. Sacred Safe is taken from Quelle’s new album Innocent Country 2. It features collaborations with Earl Sweatshirt, Billy Woods, Homeboy Sandman, Denmark Vessey,... Read more
Quelle Chris announces new album ‘Innocent Country 2’ and new single
In the last few years, Quelle Chris has established himself as a prolific and creative voice in any genre of music. He has earned accolades from publications like NPR, Pitchfork, The Needle Drop, The Wire and The AV Club for his 2019 solo album Guns. As well as his... Read more