New single from Slant Heddshotts x CLOAQxDAGGER – Know Who
Boston, based Korean- American rapper Slant Heddshotts and CLOAQxDAGGER release the first single Know Who from their project Cerberus. Slant and CLOAQxDAGGER enlist heavyweight rhyme spitters G Fam Black, I.N.F, & N.B.S. to cause havoc on this well-crafted heater. The track leaves you wondering what else the team has in store.  Cerberus will be... Read more
G Fam Black & Aztech – Red Tides
G Fam Black links up with Boston veteran Aztech to release his first track of the year Red Tides. The beat was constructed by Crack Sizzlack and Mathias of CLOAQxDAGGER. Read more
New Music: Crack Sizzlack drops new album – Dick Gregory For President
Crack Sizzlack of CLOAQxDAGGER is officially endorsing Dick Gregory For President. The CLOAQxDAGGER producer gives us 10 instrumental beats peppered with various clips of the late Mr. Gregory sharing his knowledge. Stream it free below or purchase for $5. Dick Gregory For President by Crack Sizzlack Read more
Ghost of the Machine X Weapon E.S.P – Power Hitters feat G FAM BLACK
Massachusetts wordsmiths Weapon ESP and Ghost of the Machine release their latest called Power Hitters. The single features Brockton emcee G FAM BLACK with production by CLOAQxDAGGER. Power Hitters is the latest single for Weapon ESP and Ghost of the Machines’ upcoming album JUICE HEADZ, released on September 4, 2020. Read more
New G FAM BLACK project – The Most Savage available now
G FAM Black and CLOAQxDAGGER have dropped their new project The Most Savage. This is G FAM’s 13th project mixed and entirely produced by CLOAQxDAGGER. The 7 track release includes DJ CLIF on the intro. As well as Falcon Outlaw, Illa Ghee, Slant Heddshotts, Weapon ESP, Ghost of the... Read more
New single from G FAM BLACK & CLOAQxDAGGER
G FAM BLACK & CLOAQxDAGGER bring you their latest single Get It Crackin. The track features the Brooklyn legend Illa Ghee as well as Massachusetts heavyweight spitter Slant Heddshotts. Stay tuned for G FAM BLACK & CLOAQxDAGGER’s EP The Most Savage. Set to be released on August 7 2020 on CD, Vinyl, and Digital. Read more
New single from G Fam Black
G FAM BLACK releases the first single from his upcoming project The Most Savage. The project is fully produced, mixed, and mastered by CLOAQxDAGGER. The latest single titled Mollywhop features E.S.P. & Ghost of the Machine (Savageland). Take a listen below. The Most Savage is available on all platforms from August 7 2020. Read more
CLOAQxDAGGER release their debut compilation album
A Working Title is the debut production compilation by CLOAQxDagger (Crack Sizzlack and Mathias). The compilation features W.O.K.E. (Lateb and Oblivious), Falconcrest, Heddshotts, Judge the Disciple, Paranom, plus more. Cuts are provided by DJ Slipwax. A Working Title by CLOAQxDAGGER Read more
CLOAQxDAGGER (feat. Aztech from Hybrid Thoughts & Paranom) – Razorface
This is the second single from CLOAQxDAGGER’s upcoming album ‘A Working Title’.  Read more