Bruse Wane remasters and releases – Earl Manigault
Wane Enterprises Ceo Bruse Wane celebrates the five year anniversary of his The Earl Manigault Of Rap album, by releasing a special remastered edition. The album will only be available from Originally released in November of 2015 the album was met with much fanfare and praise from Hip Hop... Read more
New music from Bruse Wane featuring Fam-Illy – Still Got Love
Bruse Wane releases his new single Still Got Love featuring Wane Enterprises artist Fam-illy. The track appears on Wane’s upcoming project Out The Vault No Track Left Behind, set to be released in early 2021. According to Wane the project will strictly consist of unreleased music from the Wane Enterprises vault recorded early in his career. Fam-... Read more
Big D and Easy Mo Bee feat Bruse Wane, Hoffa Flito, Percee P, Waydah Blacc, Money Bagz, Innocent? – Everywhere
Check out the new video and single Everywhere by Big D and the Legendary Easy Mo Bee. The track features Ultramagnetic MCs affiliate Big D, Bruse Wane, Percee-P, Hoffa Flito, Innocent?. Including New York battle rappers Waydah Black and Money Bagz. Everywhere is taken from BGF Entertainment Ceo Big D and... Read more
Bruse Wane – Amazing

Bruse Wane – Amazing

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The new official video and single by Bruse Wane titled Amazing. On the track Wane addresses police brutality and some of his encounters with racism and prejudice.  He also calls for unity in the face of the current divisive political climate and civil unrest in America. Amazing appears on... Read more
Bruse Wane – The BatMan Cometh
Wane Enterprises, presents the official video for Bruse Wane’s TheBatMan Cometh. The song appears on Bruse Wane’s The Dark Knight Album 2 Fight For Gotham. The remastered track is Produced by Owdeereach productions. On the track, Wane addresses the dumbing down and pillaging of Hip Hop culture.  Read more
Bruse Wane ‘Keep Em Coming’
Bruse Wane’s new summer banger, Keep Em Coming features Wane over a classic Hip Hop beat. Giving praise to some of his favorite spirits.  Bruse Wane’s TheBatMan Should Have Been On It Mixtape 2 is slated for release winter 2020/2021. Read more
Bruse Wane Pays Homage To Andre Harrell
Bruse Wane took time out to pay homage to Andre Harrell on his last installment of ‘Bruse Wane Live’. Andre Harrell and Wane hail from the same home town The ‘Bronxdale” Houses located in the Soundview section of The Bronx. Harells’s impact was immense as he founded the successful... Read more
Bruse Wane – Respect The DJ (Mash Up Video)
Bruse Wane addresses the haters and bigs up the DJ’s on his club mix Respect The DJ. Watch the mashup video or listen to the mix on SoundCloud below. Bruse Wane’s ThebatMan should have been on it vol 2 mixtape is set to drop this summer of 2020. You... Read more
Bruse Wane – Twilight (Visual)
The world is hunkered down during these uncertain times. It has everyone pondering on life and it’s unpredictability. On Twilight Bruse Wane reflects on his journey towards his current state of being. Twilight appears on Wane’s The Dark Knight Album 2 Fight For Gotham, available now on all platforms.... Read more
New music from Bruse Wane – Reduced To Rubble (Audio)
Bruse Wane drops new music off his The Dark Knight Album 2. Listen to Reduced to Rubble above. The Dark Knight Album 2 is available from all digital platforms. Read more