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Snowgoons x Onyx = Snowmads - File Under Hip Hop - SG
The Snowgoons have teamed up with Onyx once again. They’re about to release their new album entitled SnowMad pretty soon. This isn’t the first... Snowgoons x Onyx = Snowmads

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The Snowgoons have teamed up with Onyx once again. They’re about to release their new album entitled SnowMad pretty soon. This isn’t the first time the two groups have worked together. Back in 2014 The Snowgoons brought Onyx back together to record after 11 years! We talk to Snowgoons about the new album and what we can expect to hear.

You’re about to release a new album with Onyx called SnowMads. Can you tell us about the concept of the album?

The SnowMads album represents the relationship between Onyx and the Snowgoons. When we dropped the WakeDaFucUp album in 2014, we just wanted to make music and banged out songs. Onyx was hungry to come back with something new. That’s why WakeDaFucUp worked out so well.

With the SnowMads album we wanted to bring back that fun feeling of Hip Hop. We’ve toured together for 5 years now preforming over 200 shows. We are like Nomads traveling the world so we took all that experience and created songs for the live show. If your running with the Snowgoons and Onyx, that’s how we became the SnowMads!

What can we expect to hear on this release?

We’re taking it back to the original Onyx style. That means mad energy, hardcore sound and over the edge gun talk. One thing I always love about Onyx is that they are always grimy and hardcore without being fake.  I don’t mean that they are gangstas but they always knew the power of Hip Hop and words.

Fredro and Sticky are true geniuses when it comes to hooks and ideas for songs. They take something real simple and basic and make a banger out of it. If you hear some of the songs and I don’t mean only new songs. You will realise most hooks are super simple and short. Like only 2 or 3 words but they always make it sound dope.

You just dropped the first single, Ain’t No Time to Rest which features Netherlands Hip Hop crew Dope D.O.D.  Tell us about the track.

The song is some sort of a sequel from the WakeDaFucUp song which also featured Dope D.O.D. But we didn’t just want to do a part 2 so we stepped it up. Onyx and Dope D.O.D are a killer combo and we just let them do their thing. But the song is about looking forward and keep working hard! Ain’t No Time To Rest – Keep pushing!

Besides Dope D.O.D who else features on the album?

We wanted to feature some new artists. Besides Bumpy Knuckles aka Freddy Foxxx we got Flee Lord, Nems, SickFlo, Knuckles of NBS and UFO Fev on the album. It was not about using some big names but about showcasing some fresh blood and talent. I’m positive you will hear more from all of the listed artists if you haven’t already.

When will the album be released?

Originally on 8th of November but we had to push it to the 15th due to some little fixes. We wanted it to be as perfect as possible.

SnowMads album cover

When working with Onyx on the SnowMads album did you work together on the tracks? Or do you produce a bunch of tracks and send them over for the group to choose which tracks they want to record?

With the SnowMads we really created most of the songs together. Onyx also  gave their feedback about sounds and breaks on the beats. Some of the songs we made together from the scratch. On tour Fredro heard a sample and told me to use this loop so we added drums and built on it. Next day we went to the studio and knocked out the song.

What was it like working with Onyx again?

It is always a pleasure working with the legends. They worked with the best in the game already and we still benefit from their experience. We as the Snowgoons are always open to learn new things and we always work closely with the artists to create the best songs possible.

You’ve just toured Europe anymore dates to come?

Yeah, we just finished 20 dates in Europe and coming back again this month. We’re already getting bookings for April 2020. We will be touring with the Lords Of The Underground in Europe. Maybe doing some shows in the US and Canada next year. We are the SnowMads so we’re going everywhere!

As well as a digital release will you be releasing physical copies?

CDs are really dying now but we still want to drop it. We’re pressing up limited Vinyl and CDs exclusive with some dope merch via Goons Gear.

Where will people be able to cop the album?

All digital platforms and physical copies only at Goons Gear.

After this release, what is next for the Snowgoons?

We’re working on so many projects. Our next project will be the Lords Of The Underground album produced by Snowgoons. Always check on our socials on our website for the latest news and info. Thanks for the Interview.

Interview by Jai Boo

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