We caught up with BBC Radio Presenter, MC and Producer Silverfinger Singh who is the son of percussion maestro and music producer Mr. Inder... Silverfinger Singh

Silverfinger Singh interview

We caught up with BBC Radio Presenter, MC and Producer Silverfinger Singh who is the son of percussion maestro and music producer Mr. Inder Matharu aka GoldFinger. Silverfinger just dropped his new EP EKTA on Eastern Pressure Records. He gives us the lowdown on his career and new release. 

Silverfinger Singh welcome to File Under Hip Hop. You’re from Leeds, what’s the music scene like there?

Greetings to all the File Under Hip Hop and Eastern Pressure Records Family! A real blessing to be sharing words with you all. I’m from Leeds, West Yorkshire (Up Norf haha).

The Leeds, Bradford, and West Yorkshire music scene is very vibrant. There are so many artists and bands pushing their music through local platforms like Music, Leeds, SAA UK, and Kala Sangam.

Its good that Radio Stations support local artists it’s really positive to see. Stations like BBC Leeds, Fresh FM, Peoples FM, Fever FM, BCB, and Radio Sangam. They all cover so many eclectic sounds and genres.

I would like to encourage as many people to upload their work to BBC Local Radio Uploader. Just search BBC Radio UPLOAD.

You’re an MC, producer and radio presenter. How did you start MCing and producing?

Music is in my blood, my father is a Musician, Inder Goldfinger. He’s worked with Fun’Da’Mental, Det’Ri’Mental, Transglobal Underground, Ian Brown from The Stone Rose’s, and The Winachi Tribe.

I’ve been surrounded by studio equipment and instruments from a very young age. I picked up the mic around age 10 after learning my first instrument, the Tabla which is an Indian hand drum.

Aged 15 I was learning music production through the North Leeds CLC at Allerton Grange High School. From there I have written two EP’s. I’m also a proud Audio Technician.

What artists inspired you and why?

I was surrounded by so many different genres of music and artists. I listened to Bob Marley, Notorious B.I.G, Nas to Apache Indian. They’re all inspirational songwriters, singing and telling amazing stories.

It was their story that drew me closer to the music and writing. They made me understand that I also have a story to tell. From there I wrote my first song alongside my brother Saju (Leeds Young Authors). The song was entitled Inferior To The World.

Silverfinger photo 2

On a Monday night, you present a radio show on BBC Radio Leeds. Tell us about your show?

I present alongside Nicole Raymond and Faisal Motin. Bringing you the BBC Radio Leeds, Monday Night Mixtape from 7 pm till 10 pm.

Nicole Raymond kicks off the first-hour playing music rooted in Black Culture. I present between 8 pm and 9 pm. Playing the finest Asian Fusion sounds. Faisal Motin plays Grime Up North for the last hour.

My Asian Fusion mixes are not genre-specific. I feature all sounds from Bhangra, HipHop, Electronica Breaks to Reggae Dubs.

I’m always on the hunt for the freshest Asian Fusion sounds. I’ve had to pleasure to feature artists and musicians from all over the world.

Make sure you check us out on the BBC Sounds listening app! Search for BBC Sounds and download it from your app store.

Last week your EP EKTA was released on Eastern Pressure Records. What’s the concept behind this release?

EKTA is all about pushing for the Oneness movement. It’s a Punjabi Dub Fusion to bring the people together though dance.

Huge thanks to Eastern Pressure Records we present my first single of 2020. EKTA has got three fantastic remixes by The Winachi Tribe and Juttla Music from the UK and Singapore producer Rash Frantic.

Each mix with it’s own direction searching to bring down any barriers separating the people.

Ekta SilverFinger Singh EP

Where can people go and stream/download Ekta?

EKTA is now available to stream and download now from all major retailers. Thanks to Eastern Pressure Records UK!

Please check out the official music video for EKTA on YouTube. It was filmed and edited by local filmmaker, Jan Wells.

In 2018 you dropped your debut release Education Road EP, tell us about that release?

Education Road was all about my journey starting out as a musician. Songs like United In This, Step Back and Punjabi ID this was me making my mark as a songwriter and performer.

I was sharing my experiences at that time. Wanting to highlight how more needs to be done to fight for unity. Plus the very important message of never forgetting your roots.

We also created two fantasic music videos for the two lead singles, Step Back and Punjabi ID.

In the making of that album, I had the pleasure to collaborate with some amazing musicians and artists.  They include Kenny Higgins, Tim Hutton, Chris Dawkins, Chris Campbell, Faye Kenny, Simon Houdini Howarth, The Lyrically Justified Family, Mohamed Assani, Bigg Taj, Michael Mallinson, Lawrence Stewart, and Tindale Thomas.

You’ve gained a lot of attention through your live shows. What can we expect from a Silverfinger show?

Thank you that’s great to hear Jai. I love performing live, being on stage is where I share my message.

You can expect to hear my high energy Asian Fusion sounds alongside vocalist Oova Matique and DJ Celt Islam.

I’m looking forward to being back on the road and playing live. Keep an eye on my social pages for more updates!

Tell us your social media addresses

Insta – SilverFingerSingh
Facebook – SilverFingerSingh
Twitter – SilverFinger01

What’s next for Silverfinger Singh?

To continue writing and performing live. As well as bringing you more of the finest Asian Fusion sounds on BBC Radio Leeds!

Interview by Jai Boo


  • Juttla

    26th February 2020 #1 Author

    Big shout out to Silver Finger and File Under Hip Hop!


  • Oova Matique

    27th February 2020 #2 Author

    I first met Raj when he was about 8 he used to visit me with his dad Inder Goldfinger
    Never did I think we would be performing together in 2020
    A dedicated musician and presenter
    His style is a positive clear message
    Proud to be a part of his journey


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