We caught up with Boom Bap aficionados Seven Spherez. The duo consists of producer Dr, G and MC, Ghost One who hail from Manchester,... Seven Spherez Manchester’s Finest

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We caught up with Boom Bap aficionados Seven Spherez. The duo consists of producer Dr, G and MC, Ghost One who hail from Manchester, UK. We spoke to them about their new album BoomBap x Timbo Boots and the whole Boom Bap Trilogy.

Dr G and MC Ghost One can you tell how/when you fell in love with Hip Hop?

Dr.G : Through my brother really. He was a bit of a crate digger back in the day and I used to hear all the classic golden era shit in the crib.

Ghost One: I was around 10 years old. My brother had a Warren G tape. I remember hearing the music and it immediately captivating me. I was like “what the fuck is this!”

What artists/producers influenced you?

Ghost one: there’s too many to mention. I’ve been inspired by so many different artists and genres over the years. But if I had to name a few I’d say Big Pun, Dilated Peoples and Wu Tang Clan.

Dr.G: I came up on west coast Hip Hop originally. Then I discovered east coast rap which opened me up to a wider range of influences. I am inspired by all sorts of different music though. Far too much of a variety to put in here.

How did you both meet up to form Seven Spherez?

We’ve known of each other for years in the Manchester music scene. It wasn’t until Ghost managed to hustle a beat.  I’d left it at a local studio and he lay a song down.  That’s when we connected collaboratively (crafty fucker haha), the rest is history.

What does Seven Spherez mean?

There’s no simple answer to that question. It’s such a multi-faceted name. But it signifies the alignment of the soul with the divine macrocosm. Amongst a whole heap of other cool shit.

Dr G, you’ve produced for so many artists. What has been the most memorable artist that you’ve worked with and why?

That would have to be Sean Price. He was such a joker with a massive character and an amazing talent. We had a lot of fun when he was out in the UK. 

Ghost One, Seven Spherez have shared the stage with many rapper and DJ’s, what has been the most memorable moment for you and why?

Leeds Festival 2018 was insane. So many people and such a good vibe!

You’ve just dropped your new album, BoomBap x Timbo Boots tell us about the album?

Well, it’s the second edition of a BoomBap trilogy series we’re working on. The idea with all the albums in this series is to revive the classic 90’s boom bap vibe. With tracks that we set the speakers alight both on and off the stage.

We are incorporating more live elements to our shows. Which you can hear on the project from guitar solos to live bass riffs and drums. We wanted to create a high energy old skool hip hop classic. With modern sonics and I think we’ve don’t a pretty good job based on the feedback we’ve received from the fans.

Seven Spherez BoomBap and Timbo Boots album

As mentioned BoomBap x Timbo Boots is the second instalment to the Boom Bap Trilogy. Tell us about the first release and how the whole concept came about?

BoomBap x Baseball Bats is very much like the second album. Focusing on tradition hard hitting hip hop beats with intricate flows and lyricism. The concept came together off the back of the Desert Eagle single we did with Chris Rivers.

It just kind of formed organically. I guess you could say it encapsulates the idea of us swinging at all the wack shit with our heavyweight music.

When will the third instalment drop?

We are working on it at the moment. It’s sounding pretty hot! Got some dope collaborations on there too. Look out for that one BoomBap x Blunt Raps. We haven’t got a release date set yet. It should be hitting stores before Christmas.

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Will you be doing any shows to showcase “BoomBap x Timbo Boots”, If so, where?

Absolutely! We’ve been up and down the country. Headlining and promoting the albums. We’re set to hit Europe’s festival scene very soon too. You’re gonna be seeing a ‘lot’ more from us on the live circuit.

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What are your top 5 hip hop albums?

Dr. G: Dam that’s a hard question! I tell ya what I’ll tell you the album that changed my life, Onyx Bacdafucup

Ghost One: I’m gonna keep it real. I struggle to come up with favourites. Whether it be favourite rappers, tracks or albums etc. There is so much dope music in circulation. There’s such an extensive archive of classic Hip Hop stemming back decades.

I can’t fairly answer that question. But I’d have to say, Warren G Regulate was probably the most influential album for me.

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