South London emcee Sean Slick arrived on the UK Hip Hop scene in 2017. Releasing 3 projects. Sean has garnered 1 million plays on... Sean Slick Interview

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South London emcee Sean Slick arrived on the UK Hip Hop scene in 2017. Releasing 3 projects. Sean has garnered 1 million plays on SoundCloud. We talk to him about his music.  

You arrived on the scene in 2017. How did you get into Hip Hop?

Started rapping at 14 years old and have been going at it with my music career since I was 20. Growing up I always had a special bond with Hip Hop. I started studying it more in my teen years and just fell in love with the art form.

I love the lyricism, music, and the message I just applied it with my style. Hip Hop is all about inspiration and taking pieces of the puzzle to create your own sound and I believe I’ve been doing that for the past 3 years.

Who were your musical influences and why?

Hip Hop wise it’s gotta be Nas, Biggie, Tupac, Mos Def, Lauryn Hill, and Rakim they are wordsmiths.  My style is often compared to those. Especially on the flow and evocative side of the spectrum when it comes to visualising the bars and picturing the words more.

I also grew up listening to Craig David, and Lemar, I’ve always been an R&B fan. My vibe is smooth, so I always respect good music and a great aesthetic that goes along with that.

Since 2017 you have released 3 projects can you tell us about those

My Rap Scene Menace EP was released in 2017. I needed an introduction to who Sean Slick was. I had a little tape which I just released on SoundCloud. It made a lot of noise on there getting 1 million plays with a single called Tinashe.

I had to stake my claim with a project, so in August I crafted 6 tracks for the EP. It birthed a radio single Life which was aired worldwide. It’s a story of a young family trying to get by and a father trying to see what his purpose of life is. Now that’s some crazy shit to write about at 20. But I wanted something to make people go, Sean Slick, he is something special. He is one of the best upcoming rappers. I got an overwhelming response from critics so I was always grateful for that.

Midnight Dreamer, was released in March 2018. This project was a 9 track thriller with different clashes of production and some of my most angry, vulnerable, celebratory, and banger tracks. The track Joyride really got the tape buzzing.

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I went all out with a video and it got over 280K views independently. 2 years later and Midnight Dreamer is still being heavily played. Regarded by some as my best work. I’m competitive and want to prove myself that I can make an even greater album.

In 2019, I released the album Big Plans. It’s where everything came full circle. My fanbase is growing, I’m getting noticed. The full- album 10 track album had everything I wanted from the production, lyricism, and concept writing. On the title track, I rap about my rise in the scene. Continuing on from the story of Life and then Imagination came. It’s a polished track displaying some of my best flows. On the track Knife I rap from the perspective of a knife.

Explain your style

I call it Slick Style. It’s basically a style of rap based on flow and evocative bars, wordplay, poetry, and a keen eye for a great beat. I’m all about versatility. If it sounds great I’m hopping on it!

You’re set to release your new sequel project Rap Scene Menace 2 tell us about this release?

This is a sequel to the original Rap Scene Menace released in 2017. I’m releasing Rap Scene Menace2 in August to celebrate the anniversary, it will be released on the exact day 3 years on. This EP is just me going back to what I do best. I want to give the fans a great project, it’s also a gift for them for staying with me through this journey. I’ve got a few features on there too and the beats are great. Lyrics are always on point haha so I’m good with that.

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Who produces your music?

I worked with many producers. Could take time to name them all. I’ve been working with Timothy Infinte he’s an American producer, and produced half of the EP. He produced a track on Big Plans called, Over You I’ve been working with him since. Both our styles mesh, I love the samples, and I know how to spit on them.

You’ve been co-signed by The Game how did this come about?

The Game messaged me saying he f**ked with what I’m doing and said I’m talented. He likes my music and to keep going. It surprised me because I grew up listening to The Game so it’s mutual respect.

If money wasn’t an object which artist/producer would like to collaborate with and why?

Kanye West, Travis Scott, Nas, Rihanna, and any hot producer. Really I’m open to working with anyone that can make a song hot. People want me to hit the Billboard one day, I’m all for it lol so maybe I’d work with Billie Ellish too.

After your Rap Scene Menace 2 release what’s next for you?

Opportunities to fall in my lap. After we get out of this situation with COVID-19 and places open up again we would have to see, getting back on track with our daily lives.

Interview by Jai Boo

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