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Really Hiiim and Puzzle - Interview - File Under Hip Hop - SG
Beatsmith Reallyhiiim and executive producer Puzzle of The Diggers, teamed up to release their 10 track project The Crux. We caught up with them... Really Hiiim and Puzzle – Interview
Puzzle and Really Hiiim Interview

Beatsmith Reallyhiiim and executive producer Puzzle of The Diggers, teamed up to release their 10 track project The Crux. We caught up with them to talk about the album.

Puzzle and Really Hiiim welcome to File Under Hip Hop. Introduce yourselves and tell us where you’re from?  

Peace we’re both originally from Syracuse NY. 

On January 22, 2021, you released your collaborative project The Crux. How did the project come about?

Puzzle: I came to Really Hiiim with the idea of us working close and putting bodies of work together. That conversation kind of spawned the idea for this project.

Tell us about the album and the whole vibe behind it? 

Puzzle: We went into it with the mind set of wanting it to be as cohesive as possible. We then made our own list of artists that we wanted to work with and went from there.

Reallyhiiim: One of the goals was to make something for every listener. This project is the perfect way to introduce fans to the artists featured in our vision. 

There are collaborations with Planet Asia, Willie The Kid, and Estee Nack to name a few. How did you go about choosing what artists to work with?

Reallyhiiim: Via the Digggers, Puzzle previously worked with a few of the artists on the project. Overall we wanted dope rappers on dope beats to give the people something worth listening to.

Puzzle you’re a creative director, manager and have worked with Alchemist, Will Smith, and Westside Gunn to name a few. How did it all start for you? 

I used to make beats a while back while living in Syracuse. I got a few placements then I moved to Atlanta in 07 with my friend that I made beats with. He ended up getting in trouble around that time.

Atlanta just about had the whole rap scene on lock. So I started to fall back from producing and rebranded myself. I started to manage an artist called A-Train who goes by Stove God Cooks now. That lasted for about 4 years until he got signed.

I then created the media brand THE DIGGGERS in 2015 and been grinding ever since.

Reallyhiim, you started out as an emcee in your teens how did it start for you and why did you transition to being a producer?

I’ve always valued self-expression through creativity. Producing fits my personality because it allows me to sort of play the background while the music gets the spotlight.  

The Crux

Can you tell us what’s your favourite joint on The Crux? 

Puzzle: I have different songs I like at different times. Not really got one favourite though.

Reallyhiiim: The same answer as Puzzle. I’ve probably played the Planet Asia joint the most though. 

What has the response been like from media and fans?

Reallyhiiim: So far every supporter loves the project and seems to be excited for what’s next.

Puzzle: Yea we’ve been getting great reviews.

Will you both be collaborating on more projects? (

Reallyhiiim: Every Reallyhiiim produced project will be executive produced by Puzzle.

Puzzle: Yeah we have a lot in the works. Some of is already in motion and sounding real dope.

Tell us your socials 

Puzzle: Instagram @i_am_puzzle_ 

Reallyhiiim: Instagram @Reallyhiiim and Twitter is @Reallyhiiim

Thanks for taking the time out to do the interview. Is there anything else that you would like to add? 

Puzzle: We appreciate being on your platform. Just wanted to shout out to everyone that was on and a part of the project. Follow our socials and stay tapped in.

Interview by Jai Boo

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