.  We caught up with rapper Trademark Blud, who recently released his new EP called ‘6’. He talks to us about the concept behind... It’s Trademark Blud

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We caught up with rapper Trademark Blud, who recently released his new EP called ‘6’. He talks to us about the concept behind the release doing live shows and what’s next for him.

Introduce yourself and tell us where you are from?

I’m Trademark Blud from Telford

Tell us about how you got the name Trademark Blud?

My brother named me Trademark as an emcee name when I was around 10 years old. I added the Blud later which stands for; before life understand death. Blud is also a slang word we use to greet people.

How did you get into the game of making music?

I’ve always been a fan of music and Hip Hop music in particular. Before I wrote my first rap I was already freestyling with a few friends and writing songs for vocalists.  I began to take music a lot more seriously around 2008 when I started making releases and doing shows.

The first rap I ever wrote and performed to a crowd was in the 1st year of secondary school. Not long before I got kicked out of that school.

You have had a series of releases out called Tricks of the Trade. Can you tell us about those?

Tricks of the Trade, is a series that me and Tricksta have been working on for several years on UK Runnings. Each release has about 25 songs on.  It was really a way of showing my diversity and dedication to music as well as a way of collaborating with a large number of producers, rappers and singers.

The last volume came out towards the start of 2019 and we were very happy with its reception. As you can imagine organising 50 or more Emcees and 30 or more producers was hard work. Although I enjoyed every minute of it, I’m glad to have got it finished. I can concentrate on projects with greater detail.

On your latest release, 6 you’ve worked with UK producer Bunker Beats how did that come around?

Me and Bunker Beats have known each other for a while now. We have worked together in the past and he has helped me to make some of my most memorable tunes.  We had always planned to do an EP together. The time just felt right to finally get it out.

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Tell us about the concept of the EP.

The EP is based around the number 6. There’s 6 songs on there and it was released in the 6th month of the year.  The idea started with the fact that 666 in Chinese culture is a lucky sequence. Or has meaning in something going well or smoothly.  Each other song followed when I was just jamming with the beats and thinking about how many different ways you could look at the same thing and for what reason.

It isn’t just an EP about the number 6. It’s an EP with each song having a meaning and a reason for its existence.  I used the number 6 to highlight these things in a creative way. Bunker absolutely killed it with the beats and I feel they match the vibe of the idea perfectly.

You’ve been doing a lot of live shows around the UK and recently Amsterdam. What would you say has been you most memorable gig so far and why?

That’s a hard question because there is so many to choose from for different reasons.  The ones that stand out are usually when I am support act for a popular artist such as KRS One, Madchild or Talib Kweli.

They stand out because there are usually a large number of people in the building and only 2 or 3 people have any clue who I am.  During the first few songs you see the crowd very still and just looking like they’re really waiting for the person they paid to see. Once me and Tricksta get a few more songs in we know we’ve captured the crowds attention.  They start to vibe and party with us.

It’s such a great feeling to turn the expectations of the crowd completely upside down and we always gain some new fans from a gig like that.

What’s next for Trademark Blud?

I have some more focused EP’s planned and some that are nearly finished. I’m just going to be releasing singles and EP’s for now, until I get in a position to start looking at other avenues within the Hip Hop culture.  For example I’ve been doing Hip Hop workshops to do with mental health and young offenders. These are two subjects that are very close to my heart.

Let us know your websites so people can check out your music and follow you.

Everything to do with my music can be found via my website trademarkblud.com


Interview by Jai Boo




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