Staten Island rapper and film maker iNTeLL is part of Hip Hop royalty. He is the eldest son of U God and his uncle... iNTeLL Creative Powerhouse

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Staten Island rapper and film maker iNTeLL is part of Hip Hop royalty. He is the eldest son of U God and his uncle is Method Man from Wu Tang Clan. iNTeLL has worked with artists such as Big Tray Deee, Masta Killah, Fred The Godson,  Mickey Factz, Chris Rivers, Young Dirty Bastard  and Snoop Dogg just to name a few. He has also filmed and edited 100 plus music videos for US artists and abroad. We caught up with iNTeLL to find out about his music, film making and future plans.

iNTeLL welcome to File Under Hip Hop. Youre a rapper and film maker. First of all tell us how you began rapping?

I started writing poetry at 13 years old. My best friend DRU pointed me in the direction of song writing. Since I turned 18 I’ve been writing and recording professionally.

Being the son of U God and nephew of Method Man, what advice did they give you about the rap game?

My father told me to do something else, and my uncle told me it isn’t easy. But they both told me not to expect people to just hand me opportunities. You have to earn your spot by doing the work.

What artists where you influenced by and why?

Eminem because he taught me you can say whatever the fuck you want.

Lupe Fiasco because he reminded me that poetry is music.

Kendrick Lamar because he showed me there is a demand for uplifting conscious music.

As U God’s son people may think that your style is Wu influenced. Tell us about your style.

My style is music you can vibe too, drive too, cry too, ride too and the things you learn may surprise you.

As mentioned before your also a film maker. How did you get into that?

My mother is a filmmaker. She always had cameras around me as a youth. So, around the age of 8 I realised I had a strong interest in all things movie related.

Tell us about some of your film work.

I graduated with a BFA in film from L.I.U and since have made a few short films, documentaries and several music videos. All my work is available for free on YouTube under MrHawkins.

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What types of films/directors do you like and why?

I’m a big fan of Martin Scorsese, F. Gary Grey, Spike Lee, Antoin Fuqua, Donald Glover, Spielberg, Lucas, Kubrick and Singleton. The list goes on, but mainly I love a good shoot em up action film like Die Hard or Olympus Has Fallen.

Recently you released the single, There from the Start, can you tell us about the track?

I recorded it last year.  It was the start of an album but it was being held hostage by an engineer I’m no longer going to be working with. Anyway, when I realised I’d be getting it back around the time of the WU showtime Doc I thought it was a good time to drop some new dope material.

Where can we check out the track and more of your music?

It’s available on all platforms as well as

Will you be dropping an album anytime soon?

Possibly, I’ve been doing more acting recently and once those raise my fame level then I may drop this album. I’ve been mixing and mastering myself called 1.21Gigawatts. Based on the Robert Zemeckis film series “Back to the Future”.

Youve got your lable iNTeLLectual Entertainment. How did that start and what other artists are signed to it?

I started it once I realized that I’m a walking brand. Now officially it’s just me and my wife. Once I get a distribution deal I have a few very talented friends that I’d like bring on board and make very rich.

As mentioned before you are a rapper and film maker. Where would you like to see yourself 5-10 years from now? A legendary rapper, or a big film producer?

I see myself holding an Oscar in one hand and a Grammy in the other. On board my private jet flying to countries in need to bring supplies.

Whats next for iNTeLL?

Television, movies. The Universe is expanding so my limits are endless.

Thanks for taking the time out to do this interview. Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for taking the time to interview me. To the people that support me,make sure ya’ll check out my wife PREMA on Instagram @Prema777

Interview by Jai Boo


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