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DJ Flipcyide Interview - File Under Hip Hop - SG
DJ Flipcyide is an official Wu-Tang affiliated DJ and member of Hell Razah Music (Sunz of Man). The veteran DJ has over 24 years... DJ Flipcyide Interview

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DJ Flipcyide is an official Wu-Tang affiliated DJ and member of Hell Razah Music (Sunz of Man). The veteran DJ has over 24 years of experience of mixing and scratching under his belt. He’s released over 100 plus mixtapes for artists such as Paul Wall, Krondon and Strong Arm Steady, Talib Kweli and so much more. We talk to DJ Flipciyde about getting in the game, his alias’ working with Hell Razah, and his Wu affiliated mixes. As well being ranked as the top 100 mixtape DJ’s in the world! 

You’re originally from El Paso, Texas what was the Hip Hop scene like there when you were growing up?
The Hip Hop Scene in El Paso, Texas when I was growing up was really small. There were a couple of artists and DJs around the city here and there but the city was more into Spanish and Rock music. Especially Spanish music being so closed to the Mexican Border of Juarez.

How was the transition of living in Texas to living in Las Vegas, Nevada?
It was a major different transition. El Paso, Texas is way smaller compared to Las Vegas, Nevada. Vegas runs 24/7. It was different to go from a smaller town to a city that never sleeps however; it didn’t take too long to get used to, it grew on me quickly.

You have a few aliases’ such as Johnny Ringo, B.A Ba-Ruckus tell us about them?
Really glad you asked this question there’s a lot of meaning behind these aliases. I chose AKA Johnny Ringo a couple of years after my mom died. I had already lost my sister to a car crash and then my mom was just the final blow that made me become an empty shell inside.

When I came across the movie Tombstone I could relate to Johnny Ringo right off the back. He feared nothing, not even death, and didn’t care about anybody and was on a self-destructive path. I was like this for years until my son was born.

My son changed my whole outlook on life again. He gave me a reason to want to live and be the best I can for him. So the AKA Johnny Ringo just stuck cause of all the years I had it. I’m not too much the John Ringo anymore which is now where B.A. Ba-Ruckus comes into play which as everyone knows B.A. is from The A-Team.

He was a tough guy who always tried to help people in bad situations but deep down inside was a softie. Always preaching good and knowledge to others to keep their mind, body, and spirit healthy and pure but with an attitude lol. My Team is the H Team with Heaven Razah and I am the B.A. Ba-Ruckus of H-Team lol.

How did you start DJing?
God its been years now! I started DJing in 1992 and bought my first set of some cheap sidearm turntables that weren’t even Technic’s! Well, one was but it was a cheaper version with the bent sidearm and a used busted mixer lol. But, they both did the job and was able to practice for hours scratching mainly cause the needles I bought were good and the slipmats were real slick and got the job done.

You’re signed to Hell Razah’s Music and a Mixtape DJ for the Wu-Tang affiliates. How did that come about?
I was able to get on Hell Razah’s label due to my work ethic. I did a lot of work for Razah like mixtape’s, mixing, mastering, scratching, and adding movie clips to his albums which are all over the internet. I have been building with the Legend for years it didn’t happen overnight. It’s an honor to be signed under Razah’s label, there is no other place I would rather be.

Razah treats me like family and is a brother to me. No other label could ever give me that! The mixtapes I did with Wu-Affiliates was the same way. I just reached out to them showed and proved my work ethic to them as well.  Some already knew who I was and was downright away which made it way easier to build with them too. All in, all I think it was just my years of constantly staying on the grind to achieve these things.

While others were out partying, chasing girls, and just having fun I was at home working on music a lot more of the time!

On May 13 you released Wu Files 10 Anniversary Edition hosted by Sunz of Man. Tell us about that release.
I have done 13 Wu-Files Mixtapes already but some I titled them .5. With Wu-Files 10 I wanted it to be special, my Anniversary Edition mixtape. I had been thinking about trying to get Sunz of Man for the longest time but thought it would be impossible.

Thanks to Heaven Razah, Prodigal Sunn, and 60 Second Assasin they helped to make this dream become a reality. The Mixtape was even supposed to drop since last year. There are so many exclusive songs on it. I was just striving to get this mixtape as perfect as I could, so it took me longer.

There are 2 Wu-Tang series Wu Files and Wu-Tang Rocks The World. Can you break down the difference between the two?
Wu-Files and Wu-Tang Rockz The World mixtapes don’t have much difference at all. I basically came up with the idea to do dope mixtape’s with mainly the Wu-Tang Clan songs and Wu-Tang affiliates recent releases, plus other dope artists in between these songs on occasion as well.

I used to let other artists feature on Wu-Files but I’m thinking for future releases there will only be songs with Wu-Affiliates on them from now on. Just to have them get back to their roots. There will be another mixtape for other artists as well. I got the idea for Wu-Files from the show the X-Files.

As well as Wu-Tang affiliate mixtapes you have also been a promo DJ for Slip-N-Slide and G Unit and have released a plethora of mixtapes for other artists. What artists have been the most memorable to work with and why?
All of the mixtapes I did for Hell Razah are in my tops. Plus the one I did with Junior Reid as well. I got a plaque for it getting over 100,000 streams and downloads worldwide. Honestly, all the ones that I did for other artists I loved just as much. It was just building with these artists and making dreams come true. I would have never imagined that I would achieve this when I first started DJing in 1992!

How do you choose which artist to work with or do they approach you?
I have a certain few I’ve always wanted to work with. Even though I have worked with quite a bit, there’s still got a long list to go of others I still wanna work with. Some artists have approached me as well.

You were ranked as the top 100 mixtape DJ’s in the world! What an achievement! How did you feel about that?
Yes, that was for the 2017 All-Star Mixtape Awards. It felt great when I won but was a pain in the ass trying to win it lol.

We had to get people to constantly vote for us. I was writing to my fans and followers for hours and days just to get a vote. I think we were all going up against 100 other DJs. So yeah it felt great when I won but was happy when it was over cause I wasn’t able to get other work done until it was all over.

As well as Wu Files 10, you recently dropped an album called The Leftovers, tell us about that?
Leftovers were basically songs that were on some of the Wu-Files that I did with other artists like David Casto, Tae Zu, Kope Kaine, Dezert Eez, 5-Star, and Amoni Scarsayzie. The rest were songs I had either hidden, saved, or never did anything with them and were trying to finally get them out. There where songs with Comet, The Moon Crickets and DJ Premier, and Ty Nitty from Infamous Mobb.

Leftovers Dj Flipcyide

Have you ever done any production or would you ever?
I actually did produce quite a few years back. I had stopped DJing and bought an MPC and was making beats. I tried to shop them to famous artists but got shot down all the time. Only songs out there with my production are with local El Paso artists I used to collab with back in the days and a couple of other artists during the MySpace time.

When I noticed production really wasn’t taking me to the level I wanted to achieve I quit. Sold my MPC and went back to DJing and that’s when my music career started taking off way faster. DJing was always my roots and what I started off doing. People have told me I should get back into it but think I’m gonna just leave it alone. I’ve got way more to achieve as a DJ now and I’m happy with that.

Where can people go and buy/download your music?
I’m on all music platforms, Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon, all of them. I have 4 albums out right now. One with Hell Razah called Equilibrium, one with Solomon Childs called A Legend Stuck In Shaolin, another one titled Hip Hop Isn’t Dead, and the one you talked about earlier called Leftovers. I also have CD copies of all of them as well for those who are still collectors of CDs.

What’s next for DJ Flipcyide?
What’s next is to finish my album B.A. Ba-Ruckus. I’ve been working on this album every chance I get contacted a lot for features on songs and scratches so it cuts into finishing my own album at times. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I got lots of great features and collabs that I’ve done or I’m doing with other artists right now. Plus a lot more Wu-Files and Wu-Tang Rockz The World Mixtapes. I’ve got more albums for Heaven Razah aka Hell Razah, plus another album with Manzu Beatz and a bunch of Wu-Affiliates.

There’s an album with Karnage Ca$hman from the Dirty Clanzmen and producer Wooden Beats titled Emperorz Of The Underworld. I’m also helping my artist Astro Jiggy Jones with his album who is under my label Flipcyide I.N.C. with his 2 albums.

There is so much more I can’t name them all we will be here forever if I do lol. I never stop! I’m a workaholic! Just can’t ever say no to good opportunities. I would have never thought I would ever achieve where I am musically right now.

I thank God all my fans, friends, all artists I’m steadily working with, and wanna thank you Jai Boo and File Under Hip Hop for letting me tell my story.

Love and appreciate you all. Salute! Ya boy Flip!

Interview by Jai Boo

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