SKANDOUZ releases Debut Album ‘Nettie’
SKANDOUZ raised in Kentish Town, London released his debut album Nettie. The album Nettie has been 10 years in the making and is named after his biggest supporter Aunty Nettie who passed away in 2009. With over 20 years in the industry recording and performing, SKANDOUZ has graced the... Read more
LORDY releases new single – No Control
UK rapper LORDY releases his new single No Control on January 18, 2021. Available to pre-order on Apple Music and Spotify here. Check out LORDY’s freestyle for our You Tube Channel below. Read more
Endemic Emerald presents the 12″ Vinyl release of his first album – Terminal Illness
Producer Endemic Emerald presents the 12″ vinyl release of his first album – Terminal Illness. The album dropped on CD back in 2009 via EMI music distribution. Now the underground class is being released on vinyl. Terminal Illness was a melting pot of artists from both sides of the... Read more
Frank Knight and Chuck LaWayne to set drop their new album – Slim and Mickens
The Brooklyn-Harlem duo constructed a cinematic album that is reminiscent of the American Gangster soundtrack. The 11-track album is an ode to the most revered classic blaxploitation film The Mack is entitled Slim and Mickens. They connected through their synonymous appreciation for 70’s soul and vintage Hip-Hop. Rapper and... Read more
Johnie Bee brings Rasco back for a new EP – Royal Flush
Johnie Bee brings Rasco from Cali Agents back in 2021 for a new EP titled Royal Flush. It only took Rasco 5 years for a comeback and as said the comeback is always better than the setback. The 5 track EP Royal Flush is entirely produced by the famous Boom Bap producers Grim Reaperz. It... Read more
Producer Sqreeb teams up with Mayhem (of EMS) and  A-F-R-O
Montréal producer Sqreeb delivered The Lunar Side album on December 16, 2020. It featured Prowess The Testament, G Fam Black, Don Streat, Mayhem, A-F-R-O, Vic Monroe, etc. The album is a mix of unreleased gems and remixes put together for a cold ride on The Lunar Side. One of... Read more
New track from Curtis Coke – F’k What They Talk About
Rochester, NY rhyme-vet, Curtis Coke released a new single, F’k What They Talk About. Produced by Kidd Called Quest (Young Black And Gifted, Jae Hussle). The track is laced with spacey soul and massive drums, as Curtis takes the listener down memory lane, talking about the hardships that made him the man... Read more
The Crux release – Hezekia Flow featuring Willie The Kid
NYC Producer Reallyhiiim and Atlanta based director and mastermind Puzzle have announced their forthcoming project, The Crux. The project is set to drop on January 22. It features a litany of top-notch wordsmiths of the modern age over somber and potent beat-scapes. Reallyhiiim says “the definition of the word Crux is ‘the decisive or most... Read more
Ewing Athletic pay tribute to Big L with BIG L x Ewing 33 HI
Ewing Athletics has released the BIG L x Ewing 33 HI. The special collaboration was designed to pay tribute to legendary rapper Big L and was designed in conjunction with his family. The flagship Ewing Athletics shoe, the 33 HI, is an exact retro of the 1990 original. The BIG L... Read more
LATE releases Straight From The Manor EP
LATE releases his third release of the year Straight From The Manor EP. The 5 track EP is produced by the man himself. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at the Beats & Bars HQ by Tricksta. Earlier this year LATE released Still On This for Beats & Bars which featured... Read more