Edward Sizzerhand  A Taste Of Honey
Beats and Bees are important ingredients in Edward Sizzerhand’s life. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he received worldwide recognition in the late 90’s with his rap crew Square One. After the crew split, the DJ and Producer engaged in beekeeping and acquired professional skills in honey production for several... Read more
The Return of Tommy Evans
Legendary UK rapper Tommy Evans is back. He has appeared on over 40 releases. Collaborated/performed with multi-platinum and underground artist such as, DJ Kool Herc, De La Soul, Corinne Bailey Rae, Neneh Cherry and Doc Brown to name a few. On November 22nd Tommy released his long awaited comeback... Read more
Sixman – The Last King
Check out our interview with Michigan, Grand Rapids MC, Sixman. We talk to him about his music, living in Europe plus more. Read more
Snowgoons x Onyx = Snowmads
The Snowgoons have teamed up with Onyx once again. They’re about to release their new album entitled SnowMad pretty soon. This isn’t the first time the two groups have worked together. Back in 2014 The Snowgoons brought Onyx back together to record after 11 years! We talk to Snowgoons... Read more
Antlive the Boom Bap King
Antlive is from Detroit and has been representing the Hip Hop scene since the 80’s. We caught up with the rapper/producer and CEO of Boom Bap Kings to talk about his career and future projects. Antlive welcome to File Under Hip Hop. You were discovered by Hip Hop legend... Read more
Rowen James in the spotlight
Rowen James hails from Manchester and has been bubbling under the surface for quite some time. He talks to us about his new project Therapy. First of all introduce yourself and tell us where you are from? My name is Rowen James I’m a Hip Hop Artist from Manchester,... Read more
BlabberMouf are you ready for this?
Dutch MC BlabberMouf talks to us about how he got in the game and his 4th album, Ain’t Backin Down released today. BlabberMouf welcome to File Under Hip Hop. Can you tell us where you are from and what the Hip Hop scene is like there? I live in a... Read more
Old Zedong The Man, The Myth, The Mask
We caught up with Wolverhampton rapper/superhero Old Zedong. Introduce yourself tell us how about your name Old Zedong? I’m Old Zedong. My name is from the given name of The Great Helmsman Chairman Mao. Statistically, he’s the man to have saved the most number of lives on the planet... Read more
Seven Spherez Manchester’s Finest
We caught up with Boom Bap aficionados Seven Spherez. The duo consists of producer Dr, G and MC, Ghost One who hail from Manchester, UK. We spoke to them about their new album BoomBap x Timbo Boots and the whole Boom Bap Trilogy. Dr G and MC Ghost One... Read more
DJ Koolhand In the Mix
File Under Hip Hop caught up with US DJ, DJ Koolhand. Introduce yourself tell us where you are from? I go by the stage name of DJ Koolhand. I’m originally from the Greater New York area but have been residing in Birmingham, U.K. for the past 6 years. Smh,... Read more