Dutch MC BlabberMouf talks to us about how he got in the game and his 4th album, Ain’t Backin Down released today. BlabberMouf welcome to... BlabberMouf are you ready for this?

BlabberMouf Interview

Dutch MC BlabberMouf talks to us about how he got in the game and his 4th album, Ain’t Backin Down released today.

BlabberMouf welcome to File Under Hip Hop. Can you tell us where you are from and what the Hip Hop scene is like there?

I live in a city called Heerlen and considering how small our city is we have a quiet hip hop scene here. I must say thats been the few last years. It’s been less than 10 years when we were active more with Het VerZet.

How did you get the name BlabberMouf?

It was given to me by my peers of Het VerZet.

You started out doing cyphers in parks with your crew Het VerZet. Tell us about that?

It was a great time and rap was really all we cared about….and weed maybe haha!

When someone from the crew came with a dope verse we all wanted to top it. There was a positive competition going on in how good we become. Like a spar contest if you will. Later, when hip hop shows came to the city we used to be in front of the place just rapping. The word spread across the country that we were the new cypher city.

In 2008 you were introduced to DJ and producer Propo ’88. Along with Corown Da Sensei you created the group Da Shogunz. Tell us about the crew.

The crew was a way to put out our album from the top of the stack. With more power you build a team and put out unique art basically.

As BlabberMouf and with Het VerZet you have performed at many sold out venues in Moscow and Petersburg. Tell us about those shows.

My first international show was in Greece and the first Russia shows were a couple weeks after. It was the first time I got to meet fans who were star struck by us. Really funny experience, yeah it was a blast. Being on the road with 12 people is some crazy shit.

What music have you released so far?

Het VerZet Greatest (S)hits

Propo’88 & BlabberMouf – From The Top Of The Stack

Ntan & BlabberMouf – Start from Skratch

BlabberMouf – Da BlabberMouf LP

Da Shogunz – Rap Buddahz

BlabberMouf – Da Flowin Dutchman

There are a few other 12 inches and online releases. My latest work is coming out today, September 27 called BlabberMouf, Aint Backin’ Down.

Are you a solo artist or do you still collab with Het VerZet and Da Shogunz?

Het VerZet is for life, and they are also some of my personal closest friends. Da Shogunz has turned more into a producer collective then it is a group. I still speak with the guys on the regular and Truffel is my tour DJ. Corown and Propo live in Greece and they are still doing good music as well.

I would say that I am a solo artist. I still work with everybody who I have creative chemistry with.

As mentioned, today September 27th you release your new album called Ain’t Backin Down produced by SQB from Chile. Tell us about the album.

After Da Flowin Dutchman (my previous) album I kind of felt creatively drained. I was looking for fresh energy that energy came in the form of SQB beats. The process we had together worked really well.  It was very refreshing for me. Every album is a team effort in some way. The creative synergy between me and SQB is a real thing. That’s what made the album special. When you hear the album, you will understand. 

Blabbermouf release album

How did you link up with SQB?

I met SQB in person on tour in Chile 2016. We started building almost instantly. I had already spoken to him online. After I found the group Rawcorp and their video for Sique Siendo Crudo.  I connected with them via Skype.

You’ve already dropped a video and audio from the album, tell us about those tracks.

We got a lot more to come as far as videos are concerned. I’ve also got a lyric video out right now called Oyelo.

We thought that the tracks we released so far are the ones that would give a good first impression. Without giving everything away with the first tracks.

What’s next for you after you release this album?

We actually have two more albums recorded that just need to go into post production mixing and mastering. They are are planned to be released next year. We will also be going on tour with the new album.

You’re releasing the album through Vinyl Digital which will also have a Special Edition vinyl? Where can people go and cop the album?

Go to Vinyl Digital and order the limited special edition vinyl instrumentals included. I will also have my own website soon with merch as well.

Tell us your social media addresses.

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Interview by Jai Boo 


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