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B-1 interview

Interviews 20th December 2020 Admin 0

We caught up with B-1 to talk about his music old and new. Plus being a member of South Park Coalition (SPC) and his... B-1 interview
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We caught up with B-1 to talk about his music old and new. Plus being a member of South Park Coalition (SPC) and his label Martell Music.

Introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from? What’s the scene like in Houston at the moment?

Da Name is Booker One aka B-1 and B-1 is Russell Redd. I’m from Mo. City

The city is wide open at the moment. A lot of legends bringing the real substance back. A pretty decent unified front from the north to the south. And a lot of upcoming artists with talent and good movements.

How did you get in the game?

I got involved with music through DJ Roadie with M.U.C.H. Posse. From there I formed a group with Black Mike called Gangsta Network. We made a few mixtapes for the hood and boom!! It was on. 

You’ve released 3 albums before your new release. Tell us about these?

My First Release was an EP called Off The Hook Vol.1. It was released exclusively through the Soundwaves Records Retail chain in Houston. The release was made possible from my relationship with Poppa Josh of GIVE-N-TAKE Management. The project contained a lot of alternative samples from POE to Lenny Kravitz.

It was well-received which in turn lead to Off The Hook Vol. 2: Underground Famous. That release was distributed nationwide by Select-O-Hits on Martell Music/Black Book International. Vol. 2 solidified my local underground status in the city so to speak. It featured global favourites: Shells In My Shotgun featuring K-Rino, There Can Only B-1, and Ball with My Homies.

B1 Off The Hook vol 2

There Can Only B-1 was a mixtape with a lot of features from the late 3-2 and R-N-B Jones #restup. Plus the S.P.C (Southpark Coalition), Cory MO, Trae ABN, Wood, Street Military, and much more. This project is kind of bitter-sweet for me due to the quality.

I had production from ICE Mike of the Bustdown fame as well as tracks from Nap Town’s own. DJ HELLATIGHT may God rest his soul. But I got the killa connection with Flea, Icey, and Trae which is priceless. 

Where can people go and purchase or hear those projects?

They are all available from streaming platforms, Spotify, You Tube, Pandora, I Heart Radio. For hard copies go to Martellmusic.net.

You’re a member of South Park Coalition (SPC) how did that come about?

I became a member of the S.P.C by way of A.C. Chill (RIP) and K-Rino. Some of my people were working with K-Rino around that time. We were set to record a click song called Se7en Deadly Venoms. I missed the session. A few months later I ran into AC Chill at Turning Point Records. We chopped it up I told him had some records I wanted him to feature on. He was a little leary at first. He called “K” on-site to verify my card lol. From there me, AC and K-Rino recorded about 6 songs. I was indoctrinated. Long story short (i.e. Shells in my Shotgun) 

Besides SPC who else have you worked with?

I’ve worked with so many artists! Where do I start, Botany Boys, SPM, IDEAL, 3-2, Pap Reu, Da Fakk, Half Dead Org, Street, Z-RO, Trae, Dougie D, Marilyn, and Killa Kyleon to name a few. Producers like D-Red, Solo, D Francis, Cigarello, DJ SKewface, K-Water, and stop there lol!

B1 and PimpGame Shane

You have your own label called Martell Music tell us about that?

Martell Music is expanding! Martell Music started in the late ’90s with Martell’s (Dave, Ryon, and Shane) and a local producer from Austinentral and a few other people.

Early 2000’s the fam relocated to central operations to Houston and it went from there. I came aboard after filling in other contractual obligations. We added D Dre the Trappa, Tykee Urobii, Ova, Dre from The Tre and Bang. Started Releasing Projects.

Being independent is good because you have more freedom and more profit. But you do a lot more work. Ya Dig

Who else is on the label?

PimpGame Shane, Cigarello, Soup D, Breezy, Mr. DJ, D Dre Da Trappa, Felly Fel, and Dre From Da Tre. All slated for releases in 2021

You just released and new album called Hard Den A Bit** tell us about this release.

HDAB is something I felt like the game needed right now.  A lil soul music, some funk heavy bass lines, and a rap reality check from Houston. It’s some vintage G shit with substance.

B1 Hard Den A Bitch

Who did the production and who else featured on it?

I have producers DJ Skrewface Shadow Black, Mike B, Solo, DJ HellaTight (RIP), and Cam Coraniti on there. With features from K-Rino, Flea and Icey Hott, Klondike Kat, Marilyn, and the Martell Kartell.

As well as all digital platforms the album is available on a physical copy. Where can people go and cop that?

Martell Music, plus any remaining retailer’s pushing hard.

What are your social media links?

Instagram: Martell Music Inc | Instagram Russell Reddie

What’s next for B1?

More work, more business endeavors, and more money! The Chronicles of Russell Redd is my next joint. Holding The Cards featuring B-1& PimpGame Shane. Meet Da Kartell featuring Me, Shane, and Soup D. 

The Compilation which is produced By Cigarello features LATE SPC UK, Breezy, Veto of The Fakkulty, SPC, Killa Kyleon, Solo plus many more.

We also launched Martell Marketing and Martell Management. So we’re open for business! Let’s get it.

Interview by Jai Boo

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